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Nobuna is the Easy and Affordable Option for Premium WordPress Themes & Plugins

It’s no secret that premium WordPress themes and plugins are a valuable tool for your e-commerce site or online marketing campaign. Themes and plugins make web design easy for any starting entrepreneur or amateur programmer, and they can help you set up shop in a matter of hours— rather than many days or even weeks.

However, purchasing themes and plugins can come with a certain amount of risk. These tools interact differently with each other, and they may not integrate properly with your business’s unique website. You can’t just upload any theme and plugin and hope that it will work. This makes many website owners hesitant to buy add-ons for their WordPress sites.

Thankfully, Nobuna is the easy and affordable solution for any individual, small business, or even larger corporate entity. It’ll solve your WordPress issues easily and affordably!

What is Nobuna, and How Does it Work?

Nobuna is a third-party distributor of premium WordPress themes and plugins, and WooCommerce plugins. It’s a one-stop shop providing entrepreneurs and businesses access to over 2,500 WordPress premium products. These come straight from original authors and developers such as ThemeForest, MyThemeShop, StudioPress, Give, CodeCanyon and more.

What’s even better is that you can obtain these premium products for a significantly lower price than if you were to buy them through the original author or developer! Instead of paying $40-$60 for a plugin, you can go to Nobuna and get the same one for only $5-$15.

Nobuna can redistribute these themes, plugins, and products because it has full membership to all of these premium stores. However, Nobuna doesn’t own any of these premium products. Rather, it has a General Public License (GPL) which gives Nobuna the authority and freedom to distribute all of these products.

Isn’t it Illegal for Nobuna to Sell Products It Doesn’t Own?

Most of you might think this is too good to be true and may be questioning if Nobuna can legally redistribute these premium WordPress themes and plugins. The answer is that it can!

Because Nobuna is a member of all the stores where it obtains its products, it has a General Public License (GPL). This license allows Nobuna to redistribute these products freely without legal consequence. All the products are genuine and completely open-source thanks to this license.

The best part about this license is that Nobuna customers are free to use the plugins or themes they purchase for as many sites as they need. There are virtually no restrictions. Customers will also be able to keep the products they bought after their subscription ends!

However, since Nobuna is only a distributor, it is unable to provide technical support or full licenses for these discounted products, and all updates for these themes and plugins must be done manually. These are some small inconveniences for the significant cut in costs.

Which WordPress Themes, Plugins & WooCommerce Plugins Does Nobuna Offer?

As we have already mentioned, Nobuna has over 2500 premium WordPress themes, plugins, and WooCommerce plugins available through its store. And sincethey’re at a much cheaper rate, you and your business can minimize the risk of purchasing themes that you don’t end up liking or plugins that don’t integrate well with your e-commerce website.

And with a subscription, you’ll be able to access these premium products to find the themes and plugins that work best for you.

Here are the premium themes that can be purchased through Nobuna:

• Elegant Themes

• WooCommerce Themes

• MyThemeShop Themes

• Themify Themes

• StudioPress Themes

And here are some of the popular plugins that are also available:

• WPMU Dev

• Yith WooCommerce Plugins

• Give

• AffiliateWP

• WordPress Plugins

• Yoast Plugins

How Does Nobuna’s Pricing Compare to Buying from the Original Authors and Developers?

The greatest advantage of purchasing WordPress themes, plugins, and WooCommerce plugins from Nobuna is the great prices. Prices for individual themes and plugins average anywhere from 90-95% off from what you or your business would normally have to pay for a full license from the original authors and developers. That’s a great value for your investment, especially if your business is just taking off!

If you want access to a wider variety of themes and plugins rather than purchasing them one at a time, you can also apply for Nobuna’s monthly subscription for only $15 (This is a limited-time offer—it’s normally $30/month)! This subscription gives you full access to all 2500+ premium WordPress themes, plugins, and WooCommerce plugins; up to five site licenses for all items; frequent updates; access to all new releases; and the option to cancel anytime with no questions asked. That’s a 98% discount on over $30,000 worth of themes and plugins!

What is Nobuna’s Affiliate Program and How Does It Work?

For those individuals and businesses looking to partner with Nobuna, consider joining its affiliate program. This is perfect for bloggers or marketers looking to promote themselves. It’s easy money!

All you have to do is refer customers to your referral link. Every time they click your affiliate link and purchase items on Nobuna’s site, you receive a 30% commission from the purchase amount. It’s a partnership worth considering if you are deep in the realm of e-commerce or make it a daily discussion.

You can join through the link on Nobuna’s website here.

Nobuna Will Always Be the Best Provider for Your E-commerce Themes and Plugins!

Nobuna is the easiest and most affordable provider of e-commerce themes and plugins for your business. The prices are as low as they can get, and it gives you the relief and freedom to discover the best themes and plugins that work for you.

Nobuna will let you dip your feet into the water of e-commerce without falling all the way in. And once you are familiar with what’s available, you’ll be setting your business on track toward a better e-commerce experience!